350 Aluminium windows grace Remploy house in ambitious London project

Remploy House

Last April, the Keepout team completed a project that had been months in the planning, installing various fenestration products within Remploy House, situated adjacently to the Pleasance Theatre and along North Road. The commercial project is just one of many that Keepout is regularly tasked with undertaking, working regularly with local companies to help breathe life into grand scale buildings.

The high rise building now stands proudly alongside one of London’s busiest roads, being greatly enhanced by the aluminium windows, patio, commercial and residential doors that were installed by Keepout’s team.

A yearlong project Keepout were more than equipped for

The commercial job required much detailed planning by both the respective builders and our in-house installer team who needed to strategically plan the type of products best suited to such a project, taking great care and attention with sizing and manufacturing in particular.

The installation itself involved over 6 floors needing to be fitted out with a range of high performance products, the most impressive in terms of scale were 350 aluminium tilt & turn windows all internally glazed with automatic opening vents. Being a popular choice for high rise buildings and office applications, tilt & turn windows were ideal for Remploy House largely due to their easy cleaning and safety.

Remploy commercial

High performance products which meet modern demands

As well as over 300 high performance aluminium windows, Keepout carried out the installation of various door styles into Remploy House also, all intended for use in various applications. Whilst the patio doors were chosen for their low thresholds and effortless operation, both residential and commercial doors were incorporated internally throughout the building to make every room transition simple and inviting.

Acting as an additional touch not usually undertaken by other installers who undertake commercial work, our fitters included colour match cladding to the entirety of the structure. The cladding itself was an Iron Grey in colour to equally match the sleek and clean aesthetic of the aluminium windows and doors, Remploy House’s roof and guttering would be protected against the most adverse weather.

A reliable service from Keepout’s team of expert installers

Keepout is a veteran installer in the construction industry throughout Greater London, having built up an unrivalled reputation amongst the local community for delivering the best products and service possible. Remploy House is just the latest in a long line of successful commercial projects which also includes: AlleyCatz school & sportswear, Coral betting shop and others.