The added benefits of aluminium windows


Aluminium windows are fast becoming the go-to window material of choice amongst modern homeowners, with many recognising not only their stylistic benefits but the performance enhancements they bring to the home also. Whereas previously, older iterations could be prone to corrosion, rattling and high expense, there are many added benefits worth noting!

1. Impressive strength-to-weight ratio

When compared to both uPVC or timber, aluminium windows are known for their incredible natural strength, often being the favourite for use within many commercial office buildings and high rise applications. This impressive strength-to-weight ratio means they are capable of accommodating larger panes of glass whilst retaining a slim profile, perfect for homeowners wanting to let in light and experience panoramic views.


2.Hassle-free with hardly any maintenance

Despite popular belief modern aluminium windows are extremely corrosion resistant, resulting in a window frame that requires next to no maintenance whatsoever and is resistant to weathering from a plethora of harsh environmental conditions. Unlike many other materials, aluminium will never swell, rot or crack and has a lifespan expectation of up to 20-30 years.

3. Environmentally friendly with low carbon footprint

Aluminium as a material is arguably the most sustainable in the world, having the least amount of impact on the environment possible and being highly recyclable also. This means that when purchasing aluminium frames as your ideal window style of choice, you needn’t worry about sourcing them from specific sustainable routes like you would with timber products.

Aluminium casement window close up

4. Affordable solution to retain heat

High quality and expertly fitted aluminium windows are easily able to contain any heat present within the home, boasting superb insulation qualities that is easily able to meet an ‘A’ rating by WER (Windows Energy Rating) standards. Thanks to multi-chambered profiles and weathertight sealing, it’s even possible to reduce your heating bills, with aluminium windows being energy efficient enough to make you less inclined to turn on that central heating.

5. Over 200 RAL colour options

Aluminium windows are no longer limited to their silver base colour, quite the opposite actually, being the best window material choice for those wanting an exceptional colour choice. Thanks to a highly inventive powder coating process, all aluminium windows have a wider colour palette when compared to uPVC or timber. It’s even possible to apply timber-effect finishes to any aluminium profile, resulting in an authentic-looking window with an added sheen.

High performance, slim line aluminium windows from Keepout

All of our aluminium windows are available in a range of styles including casement and tilt and turn – meaning that Keepout can offer windows in whatever style and opening configuration best suits your home. For more information about our aluminium windows range or any of our other products, call us on 020 3322 8700 or get in touch online.