Aluminium or uPVC – which material is best for my project?

Bay windows in white aluminium

An age old question that only benefits the homeowner

Within the home improvement industry, the debate as to whether or not uPVC or Aluminium is the better window material is an age old question, that understandably can sometimes confuse local homeowners. The truth is, both materials offer a plethora of appreciated benefits of value to the home, whether it’s in terms of energy efficiency, security or style!

Despite uPVC still remaining one of the UK’s most popular window material largely thanks to their highly tempting affordability, aluminium has in recent years emerged as a more than worthy competitor, being modern, sleek and great for thermal efficiency.

Debunking the popular aluminium myth

For the longest time, uPVC has been seen as the material for domestic homeowners, whereas at the opposite end of the spectrum, aluminium has long been the commercial material of choice largely thanks to its inherent strength and ability to withstand large glass panes. In actual fact these invisible consumer boundaries are irrelevant, with aluminium presenting just as many benefits to the average homeowner as uPVC


Slim black aluminium windows for modern property

Aluminium’s major advantage over traditional uPVC is undoubtedly its impressive strength-to-weight ratio, offering homeowners the ability to enjoy wide open views without the need to sacrifice sleek or clean sight lines. If you’re considering a new set of bifold doors or want to truly benefit from a large influx of light, aluminium is ideal. As well as this, aluminium can often be powder coated to hundreds of distinctive and individual colours that easily makes your home more unique.

  • Hassle-free with no maintenance required
  • Over 200 RAL colour options
  • An effective way to thermally insulate the home
  • Wider views of the outside thanks to high strength
  • Environmentally friendly to reduce carbon footprint


Aluminium casement window close up

The most popular window material in the UK thanks to it’s low-entry price point, uPVC is a highly versatile window material that can be adapted and used for a range of home applications, ideal for most improvement projects. It offers exceptional weatherproofing, a multi-chambered profile for easy heat retention and is the lowest maintenance option around. Ideal for meeting the demands of any 21st century home.

  • The most affordable window material on the market
  • Multi-chambered design offers home’s increased warmth and comfort
  • Little to no maintenance required to stay looking good
  • Durable uPVC incorporates a bottom gasket to help resist harsh weather
  • uPVC adds home value by up to 2%

Aluminium or uPVC – There is no wrong answer!

Whichever material you choose for use in your next home improvement project, it’s extremely hard to make a wrong decision. Both aluminium and uPVC offer exceptional heat retention qualities and offer a plethora of design options that allows you to get truly creative and create a visual style perfectly complimentary to your home. Whether aluminium or uPVC, an upgrade home is a better home.

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