Aluminium windows – The must have product!

Aluminium Tilt and Turn Windows

If you want the ultimate performance when upgrading your home, then aluminium windows from Keepout are the only choice. With the inherent strength of the metal and its advanced design which allows more heat to be retained it really does it all. New aluminium windows are an example of how a small change can have a massive positive effect on your home.

Superb endurance

With a lifespan of at least 30 years, aluminium windows are really built to last. They are stronger than both uPVC and timber so are brilliant for those wanting windows that will be here for years to come. With a thermally broken profile they offer the best in both thermal and acoustic insulation. Draughts will no longer be an issue as aluminium provides the best protection against the elements, keeping you and your family warm. They are the perfect choice for those living in coastal areas. Being naturally resistance to rust and corrosion they are perfect for homes that are regularly exposed to the elements.

Taking care of the environment as well as your family

Aluminium is environmentally friendly for a number of reasons. They are effective at preventing heat loss in your home meaning less need to turn your heating on. This is due to the energy efficient double glazing provided as standard as well as the advanced profile design. This will save you money as well as keeping you warm. They are also recyclable so you can be assured that after they have fulfilled their use to you they will not be clogging up a landfill site.

Stylish and modern

The visual appeal of aluminium windows is one of the biggest pulls for homeowners. The ultra slim and sleek sightlines mean that you can have a huge flood of natural light into any room. Their strength also means they can hold large glazed units allowing for more light. They look exceptionally modern and attractive; instantly transforming any property making it look brand new.

Aluminium windows with a traditional appearance installed on large traditional

Suitable for all homes

They are available in any RAL colour allowing for complete personalisation. With the option of casement and tilt and turn styles there is something to suit any type of property. Casement windows are a popular choice that suit any property combining function with style. They are extremely versatile as can be fitted to any size and shape of frame.

Tilt and turn frames allow you to control the maintenance, safety and temperature control aspects of your window. Their opening mechanism makes them perfect for flats where ventilation can be an issue. They allow you to control how much air is coming in eradicating any damp issues you may have. Also, if the safety of young children being near open windows is a concern, by choosing tilt and turn you eliminate this threat. Inward opening also allows for easy cleaning without much effort.

Why choose aluminium windows from Keepout?

  • All of our products are manufactured in-house allowing us to maintain consistent quality and care with each item we provide
  • We take care of our customers every step of the way. From your first quote through to any aftercare we keep you fully informed
  • We have superb knowledge of the London area and are very experienced with installations in various styles of city properties. This has also given us proven expertise in the glazing industry so we can advise on what is best for your home

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