Best home improvements for 2017 by property type

If you live in London, are you making the most out of your home? In recent years, house prices in the capital have risen exponentially. Many people are now looking for the best ways to improve their investment for the future. With a bit of industry insight, you will be able to choose the best home improvements to suit your style of property.

At Keepout, we work across London, helping homeowners to improve their standard of living. Since 2008 we have successfully completed double glazing installations on a variety of property types across the city. During this time, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge on the best way to improve different styles of home. What works for a Victorian terrace is not necessarily the best choice for a flat or maisonette.

In our latest blog we are offering advice for homeowners on the best home improvements for your London home. No matter what your requirements, at Keepout we have the solutions to all your home improvement plans.

uPVC windows with georgian decorative bars

1930s semi-detached

Spacious both inside and out; 1930s semi-detached houses can be found in areas across London and are ideal for a growing family. With such a large outside space, they are the perfect property on which to add an extension. A modern conservatory installation will provide extra floor space and a beautifully light and airy room for dining or relaxing. A bi-fold door installation will complete the extension by creating a seamless transition from inside to out. 1930s semis also have a large roof space which is ideal for converting into an extra bedroom.

Sometimes the exterior walls can be pebble dashed and look unattractive and older windows could be poorly sealed and lead to damp problems. A double glazing upgrade will remedy this problem, and the exterior walls can be rendered and painted to brighten up the whole exterior aesthetic.

Victorian terrace

Victorian architecture was often detailed and ornate compared to modern buildings. Decorative Neoclassical windows frames and arched doorways were used to add style and character to these period properties. At Keepout, we have a range of sliding sash windows which will tastefully enhance the existing architecture while upgrading the security and energy efficiency levels of any older building.

The shared walls of a terraced house are often seen as a negative point, with noise concerns and the possibility of damage from a neighbour being cited as potential problems. Shared walls, however, can help to insulate a property, by reducing heat loss to the exterior. Heat can still be lost, however, through draughty windows and doors. A modern window and door upgrade will provide a warmer home without compromising on style or character.

Remploy House case study


Shared or communal living is increasingly common throughout London. Though socially beneficial, some homeowners often have security or noise concerns with apartments, flats, and maisonettes. If you live in a maisonette, by installing a new composite door you can improve your home security and add an attractive entrance to your home.

For flats with a shared entrance; new windows will minimise any outside noise and help to keep your flat warm and cosy.

Coach house

An increasingly popular choice for homeowners; coach houses have made a comeback in recent years as home builders look for new ways to optimise valuable land. A coach house is essentially a detached home which is often similar in price to a flat or terraced property. It’s no wonder then that their popularity continues to rise.

Garage noise from below can sometimes be a problem but with well insulated walls and ceiling space, you can enjoy the privacy provided by detached living at a fraction of the price. A coach house often has its own garden. Outside space alone is a precious commodity in central London, there may also be the possibility to add a porch or even an extension to create a two-storey living space. As a coach house provides a first floor living area, a modern entrance door installation will give peace of mind that any security issues are a thing of the past.

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