The beauty of bi-folding doors

Bi-folding doors match this bar perfectly

Bi-folding doors are the best door system to open-up your home. Compared to standard patio or French doors, bi-folding doors offer a more open aspect to any home. Their concertina style neatly folds back to maximise space, consequently your home will feel much larger.

As a door to the outside world they create a seamless transition from inside to out. On a warm Summer day, they can bring the outside in when opening onto a sunny patio area. They can also be used as a single door for easy everyday access.

Interior benefits

Bi-folding doors are not only suitable as an exterior door choice. Available in almost any size, they can be fitted between lounge and dining room, dining room and kitchen or kitchen and conservatory. They could even be installed between a master bedroom and en-suite thus providing increased floor space.

For interior use they can transform your living space. When closed, they can create a cosy atmosphere. By partitioning off the lounge from the dining area you can enhance the room’s ambience. On a Winter’s evening with the log fire burning, bi-folding doors will keep the room warm and inviting.

Conversely they can be used to open out your home. Your dining room and conservatory can become one large living space, perfect for entertaining guests or for family dinner parties.

bi-fold doors in black - internal view

Versatile and en vogue

Our bi-folding doors are available in uPVC, aluminium and traditional timber, therefore they are suitable for all styles of home. They come in a range of colours and can incorporate additional hardware for added security, as a result your home will be safer and more stylish. Bi-folding doors are extremely user friendly. Fitted with stainless steel rollers, they offer a smooth functionality and a durable robustness.

Our bi-folding doors are the ultimate in modern living. They provide increased energy efficiency, more space and enhanced security. They are the choice to make if you want to upgrade your standard of living and add value to your property. If you want advice on how bi-folding doors could be incorporated into your home, call 020 3322 8700 or contact us online.