Casement windows – the window that will never let you down!


Casement windows from Keepout act as a wholly versatile solution for almost every style of home. Their unique simplicity and affordability makes them an ideal choice or those wanting to replace their windows with a high performance alternative, whilst making the visual impact of their property subtle yet appealing. Casements are a traditionally British design, opening easily and simply to help bring more light into any home in which they are installed.

It’s the most popular window style in the UK for a reason

In today’s modern world, casement windows are often considered as the UK homeowner’s most popular window style, largely thanks to their versatile ability to merge seamlessly with any property style or aesthetic. They successfully combine a simple design with all of the modern functional benefits expected from the 21st century homeowner. In either uPVC, aluminium or timber, casement windows are low maintenance for a ‘fit and forget’ window option.

Casement windows aren’t just simple and effective in design, but are also simple to install also. Opting for replacement casement windows for your property ensures that the job will be completed swiftly and efficiently, so as to cause as little disruption possible. Due to their simple style, casement windows can easily make use of various additional hardware. This includes the latest high performance handles, hinges or astragal bars and the incorporation of leaded lights.

A practical, effective and affordable window solution

Just because they are an incredibly energy efficient and sleek design, casement windows don’t have to break the bank! This means that homeowners can utilise their limited budget elsewhere when renovating their property, being a worthwhile and alluring investment. Undoubtedly this is the reason as to why they remain the UK’s most popular choice, providing homes with an affordable solution whilst saving money also.

The perks of a casement window:

Bay windows in white aluminium

  • ’A’ Rated as standard for energy efficiency – ensures optimal energy efficiency.
  • Suitable for a whole range of home applications and styles, traditional or modern.
  • Capable of being fitted with a range of glazing options and colour choices
  • The most cost-effective window style, lets you utilise your budget elsewhere around the home.
  • Multi-chambered uPVC, aluminium and timber profiles for improved acoustic insulation and thermal retention.
  • Highly secure and preventative against intruders – ‘Secured by Design’ accredited.
  • 10-year product guarantee as with all home improvement products

Keepout: Specialists of casement window installations

Are you thinking of investing in new replacement windows for your home? You cannot go far wrong when choosing casements as your preferred window style option. For more information on how casement windows can help brighten up and enhance your home call Keepout on 020 3322 8700 or get in touch online!