Glazing with Integral Glass Blinds

For the ultimate combination of style and convenience, Keepout can supply windows with high quality blinds fully integrated into the glass. Keepout integral blinds are hermetically sealed between the two panes, and are available in two styles, Venetian or pleated, depending on your preferences.

Our integral blinds offer a number of benefits over conventional systems – namely that they are significantly less likely to become damaged because they’re less exposed, and they offer a more stylish alternative to standard blinds thanks to their seamless integration with the window. They also provide you with a window which is easier to clean thanks to the integration of the blinds – as they won’t have to be dusted and won’t get in the way of any other maintenance.

Choose from magnetic or motorised systems

Blinds can either be operated with an internal motor or can be operated magnetically for a hassle-free operation.

Magnetic integral blinds

Keepout integral blinds can be operated with a neat, unobtrusive sliding magnetic block which is situated around the window’s perimeter. This makes for a neat blind operation which is totally cordless, sleek and easy to use.

Our magnetic integral blinds are available in any size up to 2500mm x 2000mm, and can be incorporated into a range of glazing options, including solar and low E glass.

Motorised integral blinds

Keepout integral blinds can also be powered by a motor – with both battery and wired options for you to choose from. Available in sizes up to 2800mm x 2500mm, motorised integral blinds from Keepout can be operated remotely for great convenience, and have the option for automation to make operation even easier. Like the magnetically operated models, they’re also compatible with all types of glazing including solar and E glass, though the thickness of the glazing units has to be taken into account to accommodate the motorised units.

Integral blind colours

Blinds can be personalised with a range of fourteen colours (nine colours for motorised blinds) to match your property’s aesthetics, including Brushed Aluminium, Bronze Metallic, Woodgrain colours, and White.