Replacing walls with glass: Finding the right glass doors for your property

uPVC french door leading out to the garden

When opting for a new replacement patio door, it’s always favourable to at least consider a glass door if only for how reliable they are – and not just because you can see right through them! From sliding to folding, hinged to swinging, it’s always possible to find a beautifully designed glass door for your patio that perfectly complements the style of your home.

As experts in the commercial as well as residential sector, we have the knowledge necessary to accurately install larger home improvement solutions. We can help you find the right new glass door for your home or extension, providing beautiful views as well as impressive insulation.

Doors that help add a touch of Glass to your home

Sliding patio doors:

The classic style most homeowners will think of when patio doors come to mind, sliding glass patio doors are perfectly suited to almost any home style be it contemporary, traditional or any style in between. Successfully making use of two framed glass panels that slide past each other effortlessly thanks to smooth tracks in either uPVC, aluminium or timber.

Be sure to consider in which material sliding patio doors would best be incorporated into your home, as while metal frames like aluminium can be quite thin, uPVC frames although more affordable will be a touch thicker. The sliding glass patio door overall is easy to engineer and swift to install, instantly being a simple yet stunning addition to anyone’s property.

French patio doors:

An ideal way to seamlessly connect your home’s inside and outside, French patio doors is a great glass door option capable of being installed in either an in-swing or out-swing fashion, allowing you to make the best use of your home’s available space. Spoil your property’s visual aesthetic with a traditional appearance wrapped in modern design, when in operation they grant unlimited access whenever they’re in use.

Typically never provided in widths larger than 6 feet due to hardware constraints, providing your aperture is of an ideal fit anyone can benefit from the vintage style that a set of French glass doors instantly capture.

Grey aluminium bi-fold doors folded back to see some of the kitchen

Bifolding doors:

Bifolding doors are fast becoming the must-have glass door style for most 21st century homeowners, largely because they act as the perfect style for the modern home. The advantage that bifold doors have over other patio door styles is that they allow for a big opening from corner to corner, perfect for those large apertures.

Bifolding glass doors can be installed so that one of the panels is hinged, acting like a conventional door. This way, when you want to go in or out, you don’t have to open the entire system.

Glass doors that help open up your view of the outside

Each of the glass patio door styles we offer at Keepout are capable of enhancing the beauty found at the back of your home, providing seamlessly transitions and impressive light entry. We hope you’ve been inspired by our list, when thinking about which choice is the right one for your home. For more information on why glass doors excel at improving every home’s visual style, call us on 020 3322 8700 or contact us online.

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