Why tilt & turn windows can increase the safety of your home

It’s pretty much a given, we all like to feel comfortable within the confines of our own home. For those who wouldn’t mind adding an extra layer of protection to allow themselves to experience additional peace of mind, tilt & turn windows provide the ultimate solution.

Dual-functioning action for safety and ventilation simultaneously


By their very nature, tilt & turn windows can operate in multiple ways. Their sash can turn as a traditional window would function, yet their unique ‘tilting’ feature allows for the window to remain only partially open thanks to the top half of the window’s ability to operate independently. This guarantees that your home can stay well protected without the need for the room to feel stuffy any longer.

Especially for homeowners with children who fear that with a large aperture their child could be at risk of falling, all it takes is to tilt your new windows from the top, and safety will always be definite. This window style is particularly popular due to its ability to be cleaned without the need to leave the comfort of your own home. Because they open fully when you need them too, they can be wiped down easily and are a perfect method of escape in the unlikely event of a fire.


Ultimate security in either uPVC, timber or aluminium

uPVC Tilt and turn window

A Keepout Windows, we’re quite unique in the sense that we provide tilt & turn windows in a plethora of various materials, namely uPVC, timber and aluminium. This ensures that you never have to choose between style and safety, with each option working just as effectively and securely as the last. As if protection against intruders wasn’t enough, every homeowner who opts for a tilt & turn window from us will be readily protected against the noise and cold also.

Secure features of a tilt & turn window

  • Easily cleanable from the inside
  • Optimal levels of ventilation without the need to open the whole window
  • Secured By Design accredited for protection against forced entry
  • Single sash opening for child safety and easy exit in the event of a fire
  • Optional safety glass glazing options to add strength and damage reduction

Tilt & turn windows always grant homeowners extra peace of mind

Give yourself the gift of safety this summer with a tilt & turn window from Keepout. Whether you reside in a high-rise apartment, urban area or generally just would like the option of experiencing a breeze without the need of opening up your entire window, tilt & turn windows are the perfect choice for safety.

For more information on how our knowledgeable team can grant you with a little extra peace of mind, call us on 020 3322 8700 or send us a message online.