Top 5 reasons to invest in integrated blinds

Windows with magnetic blinds in between the glass panes

An innovative yet practical home improvement product

Providing homeowners with an easy and inventive way of experiencing sufficient privacy and adjustable light entry in the home, there are many reasons as to why integrated blinds are fast becoming the latest product to take the domestic home market by storm. Being a hermetically sealed product that sandwiches a blind system between two panes of glass, they offer a stylish alternative to other options.

1. Optimal privacy without any hassle

Specifically designed to improve the day to day life of homeowners just that little bit easier, integrated blinds from Keepout provide the same level of privacy found within traditional external blind systems without the risk of tangling for annoyance. Because they are sandwiched between two panes of glass by design, they’ll never fair to operate smoothly and without bother every time.

2. Two available methods of operation

Both providing great ease of use for the homeowner, our integrated blinds can either be operated magnetically or with an internal motor. Whilst the magnetic option makes for a neat operation that is sleek and cordless to use, the motorised counterpart can be operated remotely for increased ease of use.

3. Internally protected for low maintenance

Because the integrated blind system is hermetically sealed between two panes of double glazing, you never need to worry about dust or dirt accumulating on the internal slats – they’ll be clean throughout their whole lifespan. They act as a window solution which is easier to clean thanks to the integration of the blinds.

4. An extensive range of colours

The blinds themselves can be personalised in a range of fourteen colours (nine colours for motorised blinds) to match your property’s aesthetics, including White, Brushed Aluminium, Bronze Metallic and Woodgrain colours. They’ll never fail to tie in with any home’s existing decor or style.

Glass blinds that sit between the glazed panels in windows and doors

5. Suitable for any vertical window & door solution

The best thing about our range of integrated blinds is their ability to be incorporated within most window and door styles. This means that no matter what window style you think best suits your home, you never have to compromise when thinking about integrated blinds. Though the thickness of your glazing may sometimes need to be taken into account, integrated blinds can be utilised within a range of glazing solutions.

Swift and efficient blind installations from Keepout

Perfectly placed to serve areas situated within the Inner and Greater London areas, Keepout are well equipped to grace any style of home with a high quality set of integrated blinds for those wanting a little more form their double glazing. For more information, either about the product or the services we offer, callus on 020 3322 8700 or enquire online today!