Which window materials are right for me?

uPVC sash windows with georgian bars

Here at KeepOut windows, we offer three window materials to enable you to make the best choice for your home. However, how do you know which one is best for you? Luckily, they all have their own unique benefits and reasons why they would be a great choice. We only use the quality products for our windows so you can be sure that they will always offer the best performance.


There is a reason uPVC has remained the most popular window material for so many years. Offering superb thermal insulation at incredibly affordable prices, with little maintenance required. uPVC will last for years, still looking as good as the day it was installed and all that is required is an occasional wipe down. You can choose any colour or finish you like; even making your windows resemble timber. There’s no rule saying windows have to be white! With our sash windows you can still maintain the character of your home while improving its efficiency.

As well as its great thermal insulation, uPVC also is effective at blocking out unwanted noise; perfect for those living in the city. For those living in apartments, tilt and turn options are available increasing ventilation as well as making cleaning a breeze.


Heritage style aluminium windows

Aluminium is the strongest and most versatile material for windows. It’s perfect for those looking to create a modern and stylish look for their home. With their slim sightlines you get to see more of your stunning views, making them a very appealing choice. Due to its inherent strength, aluminium can hold larger panes of glass, allowing your home to be flooded with light. Aluminium is also the best option for those wanting custom shapes and designs or have awkward spaces to fill. It’s incredibly flexible allowing it to be shaped anyway you like. With a near limitless choice of colours, your aluminium windows could really make your home stand out from the rest.

With only an occasional clean required, it’s easy to keep them looking pristine. They are resilient against corrosion and are the best choice for homes that suffer from harsh weather conditions. Using thermal break technology, your home will always stay warm and draught proof with aluminium windows. Aluminium is also extremely environmentally friendly as it can be recycled after it has fulfilled its use. They are guaranteed to last for at least 30 years; an investment you will benefit from for years to come.


Timber sliding sash windows

Traditionally the most attractive window choice, with regular maintenance timber can last for many years. Many Victorian homes are only needing to upgrade their windows now demonstrating their longevity. They are naturally insulating so will improve the look of your homes exterior as well as the comfort of the interior. Draughts and cold spots will no longer be problem with new timber windows.

The perfect choice for period properties or rustic country homes, these windows are a worthwhile investment which will really add to your home’s charming aesthetic. All of the timber we use comes from sustainable sources and can be recycled after its use. You do not have to choose between stunning windows and helping the environment.

KeepOut have you covered whichever windows you choose

You can be sure that all our windows will work efficiently to give you great thermal performance as well as improving the appearance of your home. Every window comes with multi-locking systems and they all comply with security regulations; giving you peace of mind that they are secure.

All of our double glazing at KeepOut is made in-house so we can guarantee consistent quality every time. We take care to ensure that every product is made to our highs standards so that every window satisfies our customers.

Talk to us today to discuss which windows would benefit your home the most.