Aluminium Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows made using strong aluminium in greyAluminium tilt and turn windows combine superior materials with innovative design. Aluminium windows in general are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners thanks to the many benefits they offer. Adding the ingenious tilt and turn feature takes designs one step further in terms of maintenance ease, safety and temperature control.

Why aluminium tilt and turn windows?

  • Highly durable and longer lasting than other materials
  • Versatile options for openings make ventilation and maintenance easier
  • Protection against pollution and noise – highly resistant against corrosion
  • Better for the personal and city-wide environment
  • Huge range of colour choices to match your property and personality
  • Team of professionals who have an in depth knowledge of the area – we can advise you on the windows that are best suited to your property
  • We prioritise quality products and a service that pleases our customers, every time

Innovative design – modern performance

You may be wondering how tilt and turn windows work. They can either be partially opened inwardly (with a top opening) or opened fully (from the side). This makes them hugely versatile – they can maintain heat when closed thanks to their energy efficient design, or improve ventilation at warmer times.

Safe & secure ventilation for multistorey properties

By having the option of opening just the top or the window fully, aluminium tilt and turn windows are unrivalled in terms of functionality and safety – if you live in a high rise flat or anything more than one storey, you can ventilate your home without worrying about safety. This is especially significant for families – remove the risk of your children getting dangerously close to windows that are fully open. Equally, inward opening means that the windows can be cleaned from the inside, therefore reducing the need for ladders or awkward stretching.

The ventilation options also make aluminium windows suited to properties with damp or condensation problems. A little fresh air each day can keep these issues at bay, and this is easy with the top inward tilting option – ventilate your living spaces without leaving your windows wide open to the hands of thieves.

Less frame, more glass – maximise light

The higher ratio of glass to frame significantly enhances the amount of light that can enter a room. The natural strength of aluminium means that reinforced glazing can also be incorporated. Sleeker appearances and slimmer sightlines are therefore easy to achieve with aluminium tilt and turn windows. They are the perfect solution if you want to incorporate larger panes of glass into your home.

More light and less bulky exterior features mean that spaces look and feel bigger. This can make even modest sized properties in the city look more spacious – a sought after factor for city dwellings.

Weather resistant & thermally efficient

The natural strength of aluminium compounds means that they are weather resistant and less prone to corrosion. This is great news for city or suburban homes that are susceptible to the effects of pollution.

The insulated frames also effectively keep noise and the cold outside. So even if you live in a busy street and it is the height of Winter, your aluminium tilt and turn windows will keep your house warm, peaceful and quiet – factors that anyone in the city wants to brag about.

Keepout also care about the environment in general – that is why all of our aluminium windows are widely recycled. There is therefore an added incentive to install aluminium tilt and turn windows for your home – they improve the environment of your home, whilst minimising the effect on the wider environment.

Aluminium Window Photos

Bay aluminium windows in whiteBlack aluminium windowsSteel look windows made using aluminium for a traditional lookSmall grey aluminium windowsInternal view of casement windowsGrey windows in aluminium

Colour Options

Selection of anodised colours

Our aluminium windows are available in a wide range of colours. Can’t find what you are looking for? Choose from hundreds of RAL colour options to get the perfect match – contact us for more information on colour availability.











Dark Blue

Dark Blue





Disclaimer: Colours may appear different across multiple devices/computers. For a colour swatch please contact Keepout.

Glazing options

Energy efficient glazing options

Choose from a range of high performance glazing to enhance your new windows and doors. We offer a fantastic selection, in addition to double and triple glazed units (the latter of which is offered as standard). All options are energy efficient, easy to maintain and will improve the overall look of your home

Toughened & Safety glass

Add strength and reduce the likelihood of damage, whether by accident or due to breaches of security.

Solar Control & Low E glass

Reduce heating with energy efficient glazing, including options from glazing market leaders Pilkington – these latest designs use argon gas and warm edge spacer bars for increased insulation. Our Solar Control glass from Pilkington also helps your conservatory stay warm in the winter but cooler in the summer.

Self-Cleaning glass

Make maintenance concerns a thing of the past with glazing that breaks down dirt for a cleaner look all year round.

Decorative & Patterned

Reflect your personality in detailed glazing and create a style suited to you – whether an overall pattern, a coloured feature or obscure glass to enhance privacy

Stippolyte textured glass option


Pelerine textured glass option


Taffeta textured glass option


Oak textured glass option


Minster textured glass option


Florielle textured glass option


Mayflower textured glass option


Everglade textured glass option


Digital textured glass option


Contora textured glass option


Charcoal textured glass option


Chantilly textured glass option


Satin textured glass option