Timber Tilt & Turn Windows

Grey timber tilt and turn windowsMake maintenance hassle a thing of the past with easy to use timber tilt and turn windows – the ideal solution for cleaning, ventilation and safety.

Timber is a naturally aesthetically pleasing material – it’s no wonder it has been used in the manufacture of windows for centuries. Today, Keepout make it easy to combine its authentic style with modern performance benefits.

Tilt and turn windows can be opened slightly at the top, or opened completely via side hinges. This means that exterior glazing can be cleaned from the inside without the need for ladders or dangerous leaning – a factor ideal for anyone who lives in a property that is more than one storey high.

If you have a young family, wooden tilt and turn windows can enhance safety – open the top of the window and it completely removes the worry of children playing beside it or falling out.

Why choose timber tilt & turn windows?

Varied levels of ventilation

By opening the top of the tilt and turn window, you can ventilate living spaces without letting out too much heat.

This is particularly suitable for flats or older homes that are prone to damp or condensation – ventilate your property without leaving windows wide open to thieves, and without getting too cold in the process, especially in winter months.

A reliable installation service

Keepout can manufacture and install timber tilt and turn windows uniquely tailored to your home. Choose sizes, colours and additional accessories.

Our team make it easy for you to gain stylish wooden tilt and turn windows that are pleasing to the eye, but also those that will offer performance benefits for years to come – timber lasts at least 60 years and as much as a century.

Timber tilt and turn windows are therefore a significant investment to make. Their naturally insulating capabilities means that you will soon start earning the money back on reduced heating bills. Fitted by our expert team of installers, wooden tilt and turn windows are even more likely to save you maintenance hassle and money, for decades to come.

RAL colour options - 100s of colours for timber windows100s of colour options to choose from

We can supply timber windows in a range of RAL colours allowing you to achieve the perfect match for your home. All of our timber products go through a four stage finishing process to ensure a smooth, long-lasting finish. We also have a range of hardware options in a selection of colour options to suit your new windows.

For more information or advice about colour options for any of our products contact Keepout today.

Timber Window Photos

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Glazing options

Energy efficient glazing options

Choose from a range of high performance glazing to enhance your new windows and doors. We offer a fantastic selection, in addition to double and triple glazed units (the latter of which is offered as standard). All options are energy efficient, easy to maintain and will improve the overall look of your home

Toughened & Safety glass

Add strength and reduce the likelihood of damage, whether by accident or due to breaches of security.

Solar Control & Low E glass

Reduce heating with energy efficient glazing, including options from glazing market leaders Pilkington – these latest designs use argon gas and warm edge spacer bars for increased insulation. Our Solar Control glass from Pilkington also helps your conservatory stay warm in the winter but cooler in the summer.

Self-Cleaning glass

Make maintenance concerns a thing of the past with glazing that breaks down dirt for a cleaner look all year round.

Decorative & Patterned

Reflect your personality in detailed glazing and create a style suited to you – whether an overall pattern, a coloured feature or obscure glass to enhance privacy

Stippolyte textured glass option


Pelerine textured glass option


Taffeta textured glass option


Oak textured glass option


Minster textured glass option


Florielle textured glass option


Mayflower textured glass option


Everglade textured glass option


Digital textured glass option


Contora textured glass option


Charcoal textured glass option


Chantilly textured glass option


Satin textured glass option