uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

uPVC Tilt and turn windowTechnological advances within the window industry now means that uPVC is more durable, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Combine this with the functional benefits of tilt and turn windows, and a lot of hassle is removed from your home improvements and window maintenance!

Innovative design without the hefty price tag

The benefit of tilt and turn windows is that they can be tilted inwards or opened fully – this provides a flexible window solution for many different types of property and has significant benefits for maintenance, ventilation and safety.

If you live in an older property or one which is prone to damp and condensation, the partial tilting option for tilt and turn uPVC windows is ideal. This means you can open the top of the window slightly, without having to leave the entrance wide open. This is useful for those who are concerned about security or who simply want a bit of fresh air, rather than a gale!

Highly safe and secure

uPVC tilt and turn windows are equally useful for those who have restricted space or live on multistorey properties. The tilt and turn windows can be opened on the top without using up vital space on either side. They are also far more safe for those who live in high rise apartments, or any dwelling that has one or more floors – especially if you have children and want to ventilate your property safely.

uPVC tilt and turn windows are ideal for those bored with maintenance hassle. The modern uPVC window requires little attention, and as tilt & turn windows can be opened fully internally, both sides can be easily cleaned without having to reach outside or use a ladder. This removes any risk of falling or the need to pay a professional window cleaner.

Versatile functionality

Keepout’s quality tilt and turn windows can incorporate impressive handles, hinges and locks. All of our windows are also available in a range of 12 colours – it’s easy to customise your home without compromising on efficiency.

They come with energy efficient glazing as standard, which combined with the insulated frame, can help you to retain heat and save on heating bills.

Professional installers of market leading windows

Keepout have been trading since 2008 and we know exactly what is required to install the best windows for your London home – we manufacture tilt and turn windows in house and can therefore guarantee superb quality and efficiency throughout the whole process, from our factory through to post-installation.

Colour Options

Tilt & turn windows in colours and styles to suit all homes

Whether you live in a terraced house or stately period home, Keepout tilt & turn windows ensure that your property retains its original character and charm. They are available with a wide range of styles, hardware and colours, including Irish Oak and other woodgrain effects, through to solid contemporary colours such as cream.

Woodgrain Brilliant White colour option

Brilliant White

Rustic Cherry window colour

Rustic Cherry

Woodgrain white colour option


Mahogany colour option


Irish oak colour

Irish Oak

Grey window colour


Golden oak option

Golden Oak

Green window colour option


Deep Red colour option

Deep Red

Cream window colour


Cherrywood colour


Chartwell Green colour option

Chartwell Green

Black/brown colour


Blue colour option


AnTeak colour


Disclaimer: Colours may appear different across multiple devices/computers. For a colour swatch please contact Keepout.

Glazing options

Energy efficient glazing options

Choose from a range of high performance glazing to enhance your new windows and doors. We offer a fantastic selection, in addition to double and triple glazed units (the latter of which is offered as standard). All options are energy efficient, easy to maintain and will improve the overall look of your home

Toughened & Safety glass

Add strength and reduce the likelihood of damage, whether by accident or due to breaches of security.

Solar Control & Low E glass

Reduce heating with energy efficient glazing, including options from glazing market leaders Pilkington – these latest designs use argon gas and warm edge spacer bars for increased insulation. Our Solar Control glass from Pilkington also helps your conservatory stay warm in the winter but cooler in the summer.

Self-Cleaning glass

Make maintenance concerns a thing of the past with glazing that breaks down dirt for a cleaner look all year round.

Decorative & Patterned

Reflect your personality in detailed glazing and create a style suited to you – whether an overall pattern, a coloured feature or obscure glass to enhance privacy

Stippolyte textured glass option


Pelerine textured glass option


Taffeta textured glass option


Oak textured glass option


Minster textured glass option


Florielle textured glass option


Mayflower textured glass option


Everglade textured glass option


Digital textured glass option


Contora textured glass option


Charcoal textured glass option


Chantilly textured glass option


Satin textured glass option